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 Rules to follow!

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PostSubject: Rules to follow!    Mon 26 Sep 2011 - 19:37

All usernames must be the name of the character you are playing. If your character has the same name as another character, then please put an * after the character name if you are the second one to register. Example Aki from SID Aki* From Sadie.

No bashing, hating, flaming, or OOC drama. We don't tolerate anything like this, under any circumstances. RP is to be fun, not hateful.

You must log in and post at least once every 2 weeks. If you will be away for a certain period of time, then please ensure you fill out the Hiatus thread in Hiatus List of the forum. If you do not log in and post every 2 weeks, you will be deleted for inactivity.

If you have something to say out of character, please put it in either [].

You can be accepted or rejected. You may re-apply at anytime unless the muse has already been claimed. Check Claims and Holds List for available muses. If you want to know who plays what muses then refer to the Muse Listing.

Mature content is allowed, This is a yaoi forum so there is lots of guy on guy action. If the topic consits of adult themes please put *ADULT* in the title.

As well as mature content comes in, there will be no killing of other muses. You will be deleted if you so do to try. Only time it is accepted is if a mun wishes to have there muse deleted and you contact the admin about it.

All muses must be over 16 years of age, anyone that makes their muse younger than this age will be asked to change it the maximum age will be 1,000. We do not wish to have ridiculously old muses here thank you.

Open threads are to have thread titles as follows: Thread Title [Open]. If you are making it only open to one person, please put the title as follows: Thread Title [Other Person's Character Name]. If the thread is taken by someone and you do not want others joining it, then change the thread title from Open to: Thread Title [Other Person's Character Name].

The general posting rule is that posts must be of a reasonable length and include proper spelling and grammar. This is not a forum for 2 sentence RP

No Godmodding. Meaning you may not move another character around or kill them (unless you have spoken with the other player first and they have approved it). You are allowed to operate your own character only.

To make sure you have read these rules please put Under the stars at the top of your application.
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Rules to follow!
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